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1 Dozen Pink Ecuadorian Roses and 1 Dozen White Tulips

The Bouquet is consist of: 1 dozen pink ecuadorian roses with 1 dozen white tulips..

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2 Dozen Fuchsia Pink Tulips

The Bouquet consists of 2 dozen of a very beautiful fuchsia tulips in a bouquet...

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20 White and 20 Pink Carnations

A bouquet of 20 pieces of white carnations and 20 pieces pink carnations arranged in a round bouquet..

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1 Dozen Red Imported Roses and Pink Carnation

An elegant bouquet of 1 dozen red imported roses and pink carnation..

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Vertical Mixed Colorful Flowers

Round box filled with orange gerberas, red carnations, pink roses and stargazers...

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Vertical Pink and Red Flowers

This flower arrangement is comprised of stargazers with assorted roses, daisies and fillers arranged..

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